Nilfisk Coupé Neo - kompaktní a dobře ovladatelný domácí vysavač

6. 8. 2014 0:00


Pokud máte limitované úložné prostory, je pro vás Coupe Néo ideální volbou. Nilfisk Coupe Néo je velmi lehký a kompaktní vysavač. Je lehce ovladatelný a má skvělé manévrovací schopnosti. Řada vysavačů Coupe Néo se vyznačuje vysokým sacím výkonem a dokáže konkurovat i o třídu vyšším vysavačům. Coupé Neo je skvělou variantou pro úklid menších bytů a chat.
Despite its cute slim-line figure, this robust supercharged little vacuum cleaner comes with effective pulling power, delivering an impressive 2000W motor power and 320W suction power, ensuring a high dust pick-up and a healthier cleaner home time after time.



The Nilfisk Coupé Neo range i available in three individual models: Nilfisk Coupé Neo, Nilfisk Coupé Neo Parquet and Nilfisk coupé Neo Xtra. It’s available in three striking colours, red, silver, or midnight blue, so it blends in perfectly with all interior designs. This trendy little vacuum cleaner will appeal to the style-conscious residence or holiday home, offering  high performance cleaning, at the same time.





Nilfisk enjoys unprecedented acclaim for their world renowned technology and filtration research, and for being one of the first companies to introduce HEPA filters on household vacuums. This is particularly important for those who suffer asthma and allergy, as a cleaner air environment at home minimizes the risk of developing such conditions.

And of course being a Nilfisk, the Nilfisk Coupé Neo comes with useful accessories, all conveniently stored on board for easy access and operation, including: 

• height adjustable telescopic tube for a better working position
• an ergonomic flip-up handle for convenient transportation
• two positions for the nozzle
• tube and hose conveniently storaged

Besides, all models offer variable speed control and 2 years guarantee. It’s another stunning model for your home and another winning performance from Nilfisk.